Ever You Sigh (with Harriet Wilder)

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This is my first CD of songs with long-time musical collaborator Harriet Wilder. Harriet is a professional violin player with a background in classical and traditional Irish playing. On this collection she adds her beautiful fiddle parts to my songs. I’ve written the songs and play guitar, keyboard, bass, percussion and have enjoyed doing a bit electronic atmospherics on some of the songs.

I’m really proud of this collection. They’re songs I’ve written over several years- songs about my Grandad, my wife, church fetes, the flat fen fields after harvest time, falling in love and a moment of re-birth under a sycamore tree. I care about getting every word just right and I’ve tried to get the sound really beautiful.

There’s 10 songs- here’s a few examples:

Sycamore Tree:

What if We Went Walking

Can You Picture It?

White Elephant

Ever You Sigh costs £5 + 60p postage:

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